Friday, October 31, 2008

Lime Frosting

~makes 24 small cupcakes~

2 tbs lime juice
400g icing sugar
1 egg white

1st, u beat the egg white and lime juice in a bowl, with a little of the icing sugar.
Gradually blend in the remainder to make a paste that just holds its shape.
If u want to make different colours (for writing/piping purposes), just turn half the mixture into a separate bowl and colour it as desired.

Meanwhile, thin the remaining white icing with a dash of water, or extra lime juice, until each thickly coats the back of the spoon.
Spoon each icing over the tops of the cupcakes (or cakes).

Voila! U can decorate it as u like...

Good luck!


The Wan And Only said...

Hakak, kalau dah share recipe, camner org nak horder ngan hakak... derang leh wat sendiri...

HoneyCups said...

takpe... ilmu jgn kedekut, ye... insya allah...ada rezeki lain...

Dato' Fazly said...

dulu ajar intro to mass comm, sekarang ajar pastry eh.. XD

- ur student (was lah)