Sunday, October 26, 2008

Heavenly Cakes

Last Saturday (18th Oct) I went for an open house hosted by someone we (staff of Bernama Radio24) called Pak Openg. His wife has made tonnes of kek lapis (a very popular Sarawak's cake)... they're sooooo delicious!!! And she even has cakes named 'kek belacan' and 'kek lumut'! Hehehe.... Look at it, you'll know why... but once it melted in your mouth, you will never looking back! How in the first place that she could name the cakes with such?? But, I really can't forget the 'laksa sarawak'...hmmm... Such a happy day with those who managed to go to his house, though it's raining all day long.

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husna afifi said...

the best open house that i've ever attended! there were variety of food n sooo delicious..especially the "kek belacan" hehe..